My Faith is in you, God.

Finding my comfort in God, giving it ALL to him because I’ve got nothing else to go off of. Nates words were often Gods words, he led his family in a way that he knew he should, but being gentle and kind along the way. Yesterday our pastor talked about having faith, and having faith in something. He used a stool as an example. We have faith that the stool will hold us, but when we put our whole weight on the stool, that is us putting our faith in it. I’ve always had faith, always known there was something bigger, a bigger purpose, but Nate taught me exactly what that mean. He led me to God, gently and kindly by praying for me from day one, by guiding me and encouraging me that I didn’t have to be perfect or know it all to know Him and embrace the fact that I AM a child of God. Nate gave me a lot of amazing gifts, but right now I am most thankful for this one because it is literally the only thing right now that can offer my children and I any kind of peace, and that is because of Nate, all of this is because of Nate Helmuth, I am eternally grateful to you my love for your heart, your love, and our eternity.

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